About Us


Artistic Department
Associate Artistic Director: Seema Sueko
Education Programs Consultant: Alexis Chamow

Administration & Finance
Director of Finance: Meredith Min
Accounting Associate: Anna
Accounting Consultant: Mary Ann Heidsman
Union Liaison: Angela Sidlow
Executive Assistant: Whitney Fortmueller
IT Consulting Firm: TechFirmation

Director of Institutional Advancement: Jan Saiget
Major Gifts Officer: Christine Franke
Special Events Coordinator: Julia Fitzgibbons

Marketing & Communications
Director of Marketing & Communications: Patty Onagan
Public Relations: Davidson & Choy
Subscriptions Manager: Jonathan White
Marketing Assistant/Copywriter: Nicole Fanning
Marketing and Communications Assistant: Kareem Cervantes
Group Sales Associate: Susan Von Tress
Direct Sales Partner: Theater Direct 

Patron Services
Patron Services Manager: Louis Douglas Jacobs
Subscriptions Manager: Frank Ensenberger
Hospitality Manager: Ben Torres
Patron Services Assistant Manager: Elias Feghali, Whitney LaBarge and Shelby Page.
Patron Services Associates: David Blair, Rafael Goldstein, Randy Kelly, Brett Newton, Colby Salmon and Bonnie Williams.
House Managers: Lenore Bond Almanzar, Sue Haynie-Horn, Patrick Oliva.

General Management/Production Department
Joe Witt: General Manager / Production Manager
Brandon Dobbins: Associate General Manager
Kristen Hammack: Company Manager
Stacey Castillo: Associate Company Manager
Technical Director: Brad Enlow
Facilities/Maintenance Manager: Mark Maldonado
Facilities: Sal Fariaz, Danilo Ramos and Jesus "Chuy" Garcia

The FRIENDS of The Pasadena Playhouse - Executive Board
President: Lenore Bond Almanzar
1st Vice President: Sue Haynie-Horn
2nd Vice President: Nancy Ashcraft
Treasurer: Yvonne Lai
Secretary: Sharon Zaslaw
General Board: Eugenia Amodei, Doris Arima, Ellen Bailey, Mary Basile, Virginia Browning, Bonnie Davis, Bob DeWees, Jerri Faust, Patti La Marr, Beverly Meissner, Shirley Miller, Patrick J. Oliva, Frances Olson, Betty Parnell, Beverly Simone, Jayne Thomas and Grace Woo.

The Pasadena Playhouse Alumni & Associates Board
President: Valerie Amidon
First Vice-President: Anne La Rose
Second Vice-President: Kim O’Rourke
Administrator: Robert Muehlhausen
Recording Secretary: Neva Wallace
Corresponding Secretary: Marje Cates
Treasurer: Eric Johns