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July 15 – July 28, 2013

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August 8 - August 10, 2013

July 19 - August 10, 2013

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Stefan Haves, who has worked with Cirque du Soleil since 2006 as a Comic Act Designer, will serve as Program Director and co-producer for the CIRQUE AT THE PLAYHOUSE summer program. He is also a Cirque du Soleil casting partner specializing in clowns and characters and is a master teacher for all Cirque resident companies. Haves has been a guest lecturer and served as a director at universities nationwide including Tisch School for the Arts (NYU’s New Studio on Broadway). The programs will be highlighted with special teachers and guest artists who have performed acts across numerous Cirque du Soliel shows and other circus arts productions.

CIRQUE AT THE PLAYHOUSE is dedicated to training and nurturing a local and global community of artists of all ages committed to excellence in the study of circus arts, clowning, mask play, aerial arts and all non-fourth-wall styles of theatre. Guided by professional Cirque artists, CIRQUE AT THE PLAYHOUSE dares all participants to explore the magical discipline of Cirque: corporal excellence, aerial wonder, object manipulation and comique prowess as they learn to develop a universal form of communication which crosses language barriers, touches hearts, and elevates the human spirit.

"I am signing my 9 year old son, Walter, up today and have forwarded the flyer to our friends and the parents of the other children in his class. I think you are an amazing talent, communicator and director and I am so excited you are doing this!"

- Christine Kennedy

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