Box Office

The Playhouse Mainstage


August 9, 2013 at 8:00 p.m.

August 10, 2013 at 8:00 p.m.



Created and Directed by Stefan Haves

A modern day vaudeville, featuring artists such as “The World’s Greatest Hula Hoop Artist,” awe-inspiring aerialists, a cacophony of clowns, marvelous magicians, a swingin' band and more!

This centerpiece of CIRQUE-A-PALOOZA takes place on The Playhouse mainstage for select evenings of the CIRQUE-A-PALOOZA festival. Starring artists who have starred in Cirque du Soleil shows from around the world, mixed with local luminaries, comics, magicians, jugglers, acrobats, singers and surprise guests. Conceived and directed by Stefan Haves, ROAD TO PALOOZA: A CIRQUE VARIETY SPECTACULAR will also feature the swinging Palooza Band and Singers with original music by Emmy-nominated composer Philip Giffin. An immersive, in-your-face cavalcade of comedy and the sublime, the ROAD TO PALOOZA variety shows will surprise you every night with a different lineup of new acts you'll not want to miss. All roads lead to Palooza - a place of wonder, whimsy and eccentric oddities. Arrive early and revel in the pre-show festivities with street performers roving The Playhouse courtyard greeting you and inviting you into this modern day vaudeville event! Then stay afterwards for our late-night burlesque and off-beat acts in the Carrie Hamilton Theatre, hosted by pancake juggler Scot Nery.


Paul Newman - One man band
Stefan Haves
Greg Burns - Ranger Rick
Andrey Moraru - Hand Balancer
Randy Minkler - Godfrey Daniels 
Jason Rodgers - Tap Dancing
Phillip Earl Johnson - Moonie 
Ameenah Kaplan - Stomp
John Sawicki - Stomp 
Miles Crawford - Stomp
Bronkar Lee - Stomp
Benedikt Negro - Mime
Brett Loudermilk - Sword Swallower
Scot Nery - Pancake Juggler
Mat Plendl - Hula Hoop
Eric Newton - Aerial
Lexi Pearl - Aerial
Alison Lockfeld - Aerial

Alison Lockfeld
Greg Burns
Miriam Stark 
Nick Huff
Lisa Parker 
Dmitrious Bistsevsky
Sonja Williams 
Momo Clasablanca
Amanda Klein 
Rex Impossible
Alex Bistrevsky
Kahlil Nelson
Melissa Kaplan 
Ekaterina Pirogovskaya - Featured Female
Mark McCracken
Eric Jeffers - Featured Male (Broom routine)
Estela Garcia 
Julia Baldassari
Jennifer Jonassen
Martha Edwards
Jean-Louis Darville

Pictured: Aerialists Eric Newton, Lexi Pearl. Photo: Clarence Alford.