Commitment to Our Community...


“We love what is happening to the theatre and we love seeing the diversity of the audience in terms of age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientations, etc. The work needs to continue, and we are happy to support that.”

- Gail Rolf, Subscriber

Artistic excellence is always the goal of The Pasadena Playhouse. The company strives to achieve that excellence not only through high quality work on stage, but also by creating deep and meaningful artistic experiences for audience members, building robustly diverse audiences, engaging new markets at the theatre, and broadening and diversifying the base of supporters. To this end, The Pasadena Playhouse utilizes an artistic methodology called Consensus Organizing for Theatre (CO). CO is a process that deliberately optimizes the art we produce to develop tangible and deep relationships with new audiences. Please visit the Community links above to learn more.

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