Program Overview


The Pasadena Playhouse, in association with Take it From the Top, an arts education organization dedicated to providing quality education enrichment through music, dance and theater, presents our first dedicated summer theater intensive for teens. The program’s primary goal is to serve as a catalyst for aspiring artists through professional mentoring, workshops, and structured programs that will inspire confidence and provide students a pathway to attain their highest creative potential.

The Intensive will offer practical training from Broadway professionals and culminate in a showcase for family and friends. The focus is to educate students and help them make daily progress as we inspire them to explore their natural talents.

Our Faculty consists of Broadway and industry professionals who are currently working and pursuing their craft. Therefore, workshops aim to bring out the best in both our faculty and students. These mentoring relationships provide a safe environment for hard work, growth and fostering natural talents.

The faculty for this season includes actors, choreographers, directors, dancers and casting directors.

Music and Vocal performance - We coach each student and assess their individual vocal ability. Our teaching artists focus on audition technique, song selection, type, and storytelling through song. We also teach group production numbers from various shows and musical theatre styles.

Dance - Classes and choreography focus on theatre dance for all levels and storytelling through movement, character, style, interpretation and technique.

Acting Scene work from various scripts and audition sides. We work to open up the actor’s ability to create organic character choices while being truthful to the material through actions, objectives, and intentions.

Week One focuses on auditioning techniques and the rehearsal process taught by our teaching artists, as well as casting directors from Bernie Telsey Co. Students will learn how to nail an audition by finding the right material that features their strongest skills. Participants will also learn Broadway choreography and basic to advanced techniques that explore storytelling through movement, character style and interpretation.

Week Two will focus on stage performance by creating strong character choices, song interpretation, and truthful connections of the showcase material.

Performance The workshop culminates in a unique showcase for friends and family titled “Hammerstein to Hamilton” which includes an array of material and styles celebrating Broadway’s history from classic Oscar Hammerstein to influential Lin Manuel Miranda.

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