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"As the only Regional Theatre serving the greater San Gabriel Valley, your support has allowed us to be a leader on the National Theatre scene with our award-winning Diversity Project and Broadway-bound productions! Join me again and support your theatre--The State Theatre of California, 97 years young and stronger than ever!"

- Sheila Grether-Marion, Board of Directors Chair



James Allen, Lenore Almanzar, Annastacia Alston, Barbara Bair, Jenny Banh, Juli Barry, Avery and Andrew Barth, Richard Basch, Jeffrey Bates, Teri and Larry Beckler, Frank and V. Kristine Bellino, C.W. Bennett, Meta and Jay Berger, Matthew Berry, Elizabeth Blasucci, Velma Blue, Allan Bock, Jeanene Boy, Susan Boyle, Saundra Bradford, Darrell G. Brooke, William Brownlie, Lori Buckley, Christina Carlisle, Patricia S. Cates, James Chapman, Doug Clayton, Renate and Mel Cohen, Linda Collier, Titus Cooper, Richard Cortez, Stewart Dater, Tanya Davis, Art and Peggy Decker, Michael Dimas, Josephine Domsic, Easy Parking Service, Carol Elkind, Elsie Ellis, Dorothy Falcinella, James Filkins, Judy Fisher, Eva Fonnet, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Furrey, Kevin George, Susan and Gary Gerstenslager, Fariba Ghaffari, Dan Gilbert and Kate Rogers, Meera Gill, Barry Gordon, Robert Gotham, Sandra and Albert Greenstein, Sheila Grether-Marion and Mark Marion, Sharon Griffin, Lorraine Grindstaff, Yvonne and Troy Hart, John Heaphy, Joan Hecker, Bernadette Hendry, Christopher Hillseth, Julie and Don Hopf, Victoria Hoskins, William Huston, Claretha Jackson, Leigh Jackson, Erica Jamieson, Liz Jewkes, David Jobin, Dalene Johnson, Dr. Gloria Johnson, Debra Jones, Connie Kelly, Gloria Klaparda, Dan B. Klein, Debra Kraus, Lynne Kuznetsky, Janet and David Lazier, Linda Liddell, little junebugs, Deborah Lord, Gayle and Tad Lowrey, Laura Luna, George Macdonald, Michael Mackness, Graeme Magruder, Howard Marshall Jr., Efe McWorter, Sharon Meadows, Marsha S. Miller, Joy Moore, Alexander Morales, Christine Neil, Renee Nourse, Pacific Global Investment Management Company, Robert Packer, Margarita Padilla, Clarence Palmer, Carmelita Payne, Barbara and Tony Phillips, Lucy Pliskin, Gratiana Pol, Robert Postawko, Michael Rawlins, Adrienne Reed, Cheryl Resnik, Hart Rieckhof, Diana Rivera, Guadulesa Rivera, Christina, Michael, and Tania Rizzo, Wendy S. Rosloff, La Vergne Rosow, Phil Ross, Janis Salin, Debra Sams, Betty Sandford, Marcia Scully, David Seaman, Barbara Selarz, Raymond Shelton, Art and Liz Silveri, RJ Smith, Elliot and Danielle Stahler, Brett Stangeland, Kimberly Sutherland, Peggy L. Taylor, Tia Teixeira, Alexis Tereszcuk, Lem Thornton, Carla Tittle, U.S. Bank, Ron Vogel, Vroman's Bookstore, Paula Wagner, Richard Wainer, Amy Wakeland, Christopher Ward, Brenda Watson, Wells Fargo Bank, Gary Wente, Dolores and Jaqueline Wesley, Joan Wojslaw Oppenheimer, Michael Wolgast, Jess Womack, Morgan and Ellen Wood, James Yessian, David and Julia Zuckerman

The Pasadena Playhouse is a leading American theatre celebrated for artistic excellence, theatrical diversity and providing access to the performing arts. We are a community of passionate artists, audiences and advocates working together to transform the world around us, and are grateful to our wonderful community of supporters.

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