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"As the only Regional Theatre serving the greater San Gabriel Valley, your support has allowed us to be a leader on the National Theatre scene with our award-winning Diversity Project and Broadway-bound productions! Join me again and support your theatre--The State Theatre of California, 97 years young and stronger than ever!"

- Sheila Grether-Marion, Board Member


The Ahmanson Foundation, Anonymous, Estate of Harriet L. Freeman, James Irvine Foundation, Wells Fargo Bank, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and Theatre Communications Group, Sheila Grether-Marion and Mark Marion, Avery and Andrew Barth, Herbalife, Teena Hostovich and Doug Martinet, Terri and Jerry Kohl, Los Angeles County Arts Commission, The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation, The SahanDaywi Foundation, Lilah Stangeland, S. Mark Taper Foundation, Frank Williams, M.D., Anonymous, The Green Foundation, Julie and Don Hopf, Gayle and Tad Lowrey, Pacific Global Investment Management Company, Pasadena Community Foundation, Bingo and Gino Roncelli, The Shubert Foundation, Art and Liz Silveri, U.S. Bank, Anonymous, Milo W. Bekins Foundation, Darrell G. Brooke and Rosa Olivia Ayala, Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, Ann and Paul DeMartini, Patti and Jim Dolan, Michele and Roger Engemann, Sheldon Epps, Ed and Connie Foster, Friends of The Pasadena Playhouse, Jay and Linda Griffey, David Lee, Merrill Lynch, Mike Mackness and Eric Sigg, Shannon J. and Darrell D. Miller, Nick Nichols, The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation, Ann Peppers Foundation, Marion R. Riley, Jennifer Gayle Rogers, Michelle Tyson, M.D., and Family, Cindy Vail and Greg Stone, Judy and Robert Waller, Jinny and Scott Wilcott, Jon Andersen and Martha Williamson, Diane and Fred Blum, John and Tamara Brown, California Community Foundation, Keith and Debra Cantrell, City of Pasadena Cultural Affairs Division, Lynn and Carl Cooper, David DiCristofaro, El Portal Restaurant, Dorothy Falcinella, Charles Brewer Fiscus Foundation, Brenda and Bill Galloway, Bernadette and Douglas Glenn, Sumi Hughes, Kim L. Hunter, Pam and Brad King, Harvey and Ellen Knell, Lindemann Foundation, Amy and Anthony LoCascio, Thomas N. Neff, Elizabeth Pankey, Pasadena Playhouse Alumni & Associates, Barbara and Tony Phillips, Kay and Bob Rehme, John Rothman, Paul and Cynthia Roye/The Capital Group Companies, Betty Sandford, Deidra Norman Schumann, Southern California Gas Company, Elliot and Danielle Stahler, Anne Taubman and David Boyle, JoBeth Williams and John Pasquin, JoJeanne and DannAngeloff, Anonymous, Aline and Danny Bakewell Sr., Cynthia Bennett and Ed de Beixidon, Bhindi Jewelers, Bill and Mary Lea Carroll, Martin L. Cohen, M.D., and Sharleen Cooper Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Dencik, Peggy Ebright, William F. Foran, M.D., and Vivien F. Stanley-Foran, Henri and Donna Ford, Fox Rothschild LLP, Rose Ann Hall, Ann and Robert Hamilton, Dr. Stephen Henry and Rudy O’Claray, Tracy and Richard Hirrel, Elizabeth Levitt Hirsch, Marcia L. Hoffman, The Hon. John J. Kennedy and Lena L. Kennedy, Delilah Lanoix and John W. Harris, Linden Optometry, a P.C., Greta and Peter Mandell, Liz and David McFadzean, Susan McGuirl and Bob Musselman, Stephanie and Greg McLemore, Lary and Mary Anne Mielke, Mitchell Charitable Trust, MonteCedro Inc., Ann Mulally, Novak Charitable Trust, Christine Marie Ofiesh, Julietta Perez, Michael Persaud, Herbert and Marilyn Piken, Dick and Sally Roberts, Joel and Jil Sheldon, Ashana and Tom Thorman, Martha Tolles, Betsey Tyler, Richard von Ernst and Thomas Castañeda, Nancy E. Warner, M.D. and Christine Reynolds, Harold Wheeler and Hattie Winston Wheeler, Molly Wolveck, Gwen Abbott, Carol and Saleem Ahmed, Nadia Allaudin, Anonymous, Selwyn Aronson, Heather Backstrom, Kathryn and Michael Balale, Sheri and Andy Ball, Monty Basile, Richard and Shelley Bayer, Meta and Jay Berger, Barrett and Carol Bingaman, LeeAnn Black/Latham & Watkins, Ronald Bloom, The Hon. Bill and Claire Bogaard, Lesley Brander, Annette Brandin, Break-Away Tours, Melea and David M. Brock, Deborah Carton, George L. Cassat, Raymond and Yvonne Tsai Chen, Catherine “Tink” Cheney and Barry Jones, Jim and Marty Childs, Karen and Tim Chrisman, Dottie Clougherty, Craig R. Colbath and Ann Voyer, Barbara and Wes Coleman, Carol Ann Collins, William Cunningham, Gary Dahle and Derek Whitefield, April Danz and Kelly Johnson, Fernando Diaz and Gary Petrisak, Vin and Erica DiBona, DMI Music and Media, Elizabeth and Kwinn Doran, Dr. and Mrs. Mark and Victoria Eaton, Patti Johns Eisenberg, Eleven Twenty Seven Foundation, Gail and Jim Ellis, Sue and Jim Femino, Brad and Lisa Freer, Beth Gertmenian, Richard Gilman, Kelly and Lou Gonda, Arlene Harder, Adelaide Hixon, Susan Hoffman, Jonathan Jaffrey, Jane Jelenko, Paulie Jenkins, Gregory and Samantha Jessner, Jewish Community Foundation, Carrie Johnson, Marilyn Jones and Mitchell Kaplan, Marcia and Gordon Kanofsky, Richard Kaplan, Lenny and David Kelton, John and Nancy Killen, Jacqueline Kosecoff and Robert Brooke, Patti La Marr, Emilie and Allen Lanstra, Sally Jean Lash, Janet and David Lazier, Ms. Donna Leonhard, Shelly and Dennis Lowe, Becky and Kris Lythgoe, Melba MacNeil, Sandra Mader, Vivian J. Matsushige, David McAuliffe, Joyce McGilvray, Gloria and Accie Mitchell, Cheryl and Judd Morris, DegaNalayeh, Michael Naples, Richardson Harman Ober, PC, June Thurner Paine and Garret Paine, Pasadena Tournament of Roses, Amy Pascal and Bernard Weinraub, Diana W. Paul, Gloria and Don Pitzer, Charlie and Sandra Plowman, Terrence and Rita Roberts, Helene Rosenzweig, Virgil and Lynn Roth, Jan Saiget and John Clouse, John Sandoz and Beverly Morgan-Sandoz, Sossi and Norman Sarafian, Alvan and Barbara Shane, Judy and Bill Shupper, Amy Singh, Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Smith, Lew and Vicki Snow, Dr. and Mrs. David and Gail Snyder, Gail Snyder, SPARC, Amy Stephens, Susan Stevens Foundation, Jim Stone, SeemaSueko and Troy Hirsch, Susan Sullivan, Philip V. Swan, Stender and Polly Sweeney, Laney and Tom Techentin, Charla and Richard Tindall, Mary and William Urquhart, Sandy Valentine and Michael Matthews, Andrea and John Van de Kamp, Michele Vice-Maslin, Sheran and David Voigt, Marianne and Gary Wallace, Valerie and Aaron Weiss, John C. Wileman, Karen Williams, Cynthia Abrams, Joan and Andreas Aebi, Mr. and Mrs. Arden Albee, Anonymous, Lisa Austin, Jacqueline and Clarence Avant, Edward M. Boughton, Paula Brand, Z. Clark Branson, James and Deborah Burrows Foundation, Norman Cadman, Thomas and Dr. Jodie Cassutt, Renate and Mel Cohen, Pat Cuneo, Keith David, Dorothy and William Davila, Jim Flock, Lisa Furfine, Bobbie and Jerry Furrey, Robert Galvan, Chris Gonzalez and Cristina Perez Gonzalez, Andrew Grosz, Michele Hall, J. P. and Diane Harris, Gail and Phil Hatchett, Susan Hauk, Virginia Hawkins, Sue Haynie-Horn, John and Barbara House, The HWL Family Foundation, Jeanette and GeorgeInadomi, Ironshore, Helga Johnstone, Mary and Richard Josenhans, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome S. Kaplan, Barry Katz, Donald Kottler, Janet and Mark Labberton, Bliss Landon, Dianna Lau and Kevin Beggs, Paul Lazarus and Kitty McNamee, Lily Lee, M.D. and Tom Chang, M.D., Parise Livanos, Maria Del Rio Low, Edith Mehlinger, Jessie Milano, Carolyn Miller, Jeff and Paula Miller, Dr. Donna Mills, Richard and Chang Soon Moak, Susan and Allan Mohrman, Joy Moore, Elly and Jim Morgan, Skip and Jackie Morgen, Dr. and Mrs. Robert Nafie, Kenneth and Richel Nash, Carrie Nebens, Janice Ohta, Patty Onagan and Steven Infield, Pasadena Highlands Senior Center, Elizabeth and Tom Polenzani, Jack Pollock, William Pounders, Monique Predovich, Denise Prew, Florence Reese, Harvey Reichard, Ed Richmond and Linda Hrovat, Christy and Gary Roeber, Barbara Rosenthal, Jean Scott and Kent Keller, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Scott, Bernadette K. Sherman, Laurie and Robert Silton, Rosemary Simmons, Janis and Stuart Simon, C. Edward Simpson, Barbara Sinclair, Dena Spanos-Hawkey and Philip Hawkey, Dr. Richard and Ivy Sun, Mr. and Mrs. John D. Taylor, Janet Thomasser, Eileen T’Kaye and David Bischoff, Roslyn Towler, Janet and Robert Tranquada, Barbara Vass, Vroman’s Bookstore, James and Mary Weidner, J. Patrick Whaley and Lynda L. Jenner, Jeph Willis, Harvey and Sharon Zaslaw, Amy Zeidler, Cheryl Alcorn, Patricia Aleman, Lawanda Allee, Anonymous (2), Ms. Doris Arima, Ellen Bailey, Rita Baker, Robert and Josephine Barbera, Michael and Janice Barker, Chera Holland Bashor and Guy Mack, Patricia M. Beauchamp, Dennis Becvar, William Belcher, Brad Blaisdell, Susan Bleecker, Robert Bozzani, John and Annette Brende, Tom Brosterman, EsthereBrutsch, Jacqueline and Arthur Burdorf, Grace E. Carter, James Cheng, Jill and Riley Cole, Laurie Cooper, Rita Coulter, Phyllis and David Crandon, John and Bonnie Dewitt, Tony Dinardo, Barbara Diner, Kay and Larry Driscoll, Susan Edwards, Daniel and Barbara Elman, Martha Erdman, Joanna Erdos, Richard and Nancy Esbenshade, Priscilla Fernandez, Yvonne Flint, George Forbes, Carole Fritz, Gary Fuller, Carol Gabel, Sharon Gedan, Lovett Goode, Robert Gotham, Andrea Goto, Sharon Griffin, Susan Groshen, Nancy and Raymond Guth, Debra Hammond, Tom Hatten, Mary Ann Heidsman, Lillian Heimer, Reva Hicks, Ms. Robin Hirabayashi, Rena Hochleitner, Janis and Samuel Holcman, Marguerite Hougasian and Miriam Mode, Isaac Hung, Elisabeth Hunt, Gary Hunter, Marie Ida, Anne Ireland, Hon. Lance A. Ito and Margaret A. York, Harold A. Jackson Jr. and Agnes M. Jackson, Donna and Jeff Jaffee, Liz Jewkes, Anne and Charles Johnson, Rosa Johnson, Suzette Johnston, Ruth and Jeremy Jones, Suzanne and Michael Kahane, Lilli Kalmenson, Kathleen Kane, Peter and Joan Kaplanis, Robert Karlin, Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Karno, Michelle Katz, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kettle, Dr. Edward Klein, Leonard and Barbara Kolod, Joanne Landa, Xenophon Lang Jr., Diane Lau, Ms. Mindy Lauerlevin, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Law, Ms. Jo Ann Lee, Sandy Leonardis, Maria D. Leos, Randall W. Lewis, Sandi Love, Akiko Maeda, Ms. Cierina Marks, Phillip and Lois Matthews, Victoria Mature, Kathryn Mickaliger, Annamarie Mitchell, Ms. Jodi Montgomery, Esther Mott, Alfred H. Muller, Kimberly Muller, Mr. and Mrs. Millard Murphy, Eugene H. Murray, Dr. Ejike and Mrs. Victoria Ndefo, Lisa Nelson, Robert and Sharon Novell, Patrick Oliva, Thuy and Joseph Onstott, Joan Wojslaw Oppenheimer, Edward Parker, Joan Parker, Lucile and John Penido, Gina and James Pickens Jr., Leonard and Jennifer Pihlak, Andrea and Jeff Pomerance, Carol Richardson, Leo and Sonya Roos, Ruby and Gerald Rose, Dana and Eileen Roth, Mrs. Charon Sandoval, Wayne A. Schlepp, Lou and Nancy Schweiner, Grant and Liz Smith, Judy Smith, Lella Smith, Brett Stangeland, Ms. Maryan Stephens, Ann Stewart, Bradley Stibel and Travis Grimm, Victoria Stratman, Dottie and Walt Sumner, Jodi Tenenbaum, Mrs. Linda Thomas, Shari Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Traver, Judi Twomey, Lonee and Charles Urtuzuastegui, Kenneth and Sharon Varden, Timothy Vient, Edward Washatka, Ms. Robertine Weise and Mr. Alan Walker, Edgar and Peggy Whitmore, Women in Action, Roxanne Wong, Deborah Wycoff, Richard Yadley.

The Pasadena Playhouse is a leading American theatre celebrated for artistic excellence, theatrical diversity and providing access to the performing arts. We are a community of passionate artists, audiences and advocates working together to transform the world around us, and are grateful to our wonderful community of supporters.

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