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"As the only Regional Theatre serving the greater San Gabriel Valley, your support has allowed us to be a leader on the National Theatre scene with our award-winning Diversity Project and Broadway-bound productions! Join me again and support your theatre--The State Theatre of California, 97 years young and stronger than ever!"

- Sheila Grether-Marion, Board Member



Gwen Abbott, Joan Aebi, Howard Backer, Rita Baker, Walter Barbour, Juli Barry, Cynthia Bennett, Janice Bini, Craig Blunden, Carolyn Boyer, Raymond Bush, George Cassat, Dee and Robert Cody, Marilyn Conlan, Morris Cutler, Keith David, Yoram Dor, Debbie Dunams, Michele Engemann, Stephanie Flagg, William F. Foran MD, Donna Ford, dana friedland, Myron Glovsky, Lovett Goode, Carol Greeby, Michael Gross, Gabriel Haack, Rose Ann Hall, Doreen Hall, Georgiana Hatch, Tom Hatten, George Henning, Sonya Huckleby, Audrey and Ed Jessup, Theola Johnson, Bruce Katzman, Lenny Kelton, Rita Emiko Kline, Terri Kohl, Helen Lambros, Mindy Lauerlevin, David Lee, Heather Long, Fred Manaster, Marguerite Marsh, Karla Marshall, Kaholyn McKissick, Judith Miller, Paul Miller, Donna Mills, Joy Moore, Judson Morris, Felicia Murphy, Nick Nichols, Patty Onagan, Diana Rivera, Guadulesa Rivera, Helene Rosenzweig, Jan Saiget, Wayne Saiget, Norman Sarafian, Kert Scherer, Andrea Standring, Pamela Stewart, Charles Tilghman, Robert Tranquada, Betty Turner, Sandy Valentine-Matthews, David Waelder, Madeline Walker, Frank Williams, Nancy Williams, Jeph Willis, Molly Wolveck

The Pasadena Playhouse is a leading American theatre celebrated for artistic excellence, theatrical diversity and providing access to the performing arts. We are a community of passionate artists, audiences and advocates working together to transform the world around us, and are grateful to our wonderful community of supporters.

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