Community Check-In

“Teaching Stage Management via Zoom at UCLA.” – Jill G.


“Hearing all my talented friends on social media singing and playing songs.” – Anthony S. 


“Making a tiny stage and spike taping where a future set will be!! Haha I miss working.” – Matthew R.


“Reading Plays EVERY DAY!” – Bailey B.


“Listening to Soundtracks while I work from home.” – Carly L.


“Teaching dance online so 1) I can still support myself 2) I can bring art to others in trying times.” – Grant C.


“Reading as much as I can!” – Matt


“Reading articles on” – Hector R.


“Donating What I can to nonprofits & Arts Organizations.” – Jackie O. 


“I asked Dad to get me a baby grand. A wish. Also staying connected by listening to music and lately watching good movies, series, on tv.” – Joy O.


“I’ve been playing my instrument every day! I play bass clarinet and because of the corona, I got my audition music early. So I’ve been practicing for about 5 hours each day, on fundamentals and of course my music.” – Kate H.


“Dancing for daily exercise.” – @tarotforselfempowerment


“Streaming BroadwayHD.” – Brian


“I’m drawing more than I have in years and sharing them with friends who are doing the same.” – Matthew S.


“Starting a group for LA arts marketers on LinkedIN” – Sonia D.


“I joined Robert Macfarlane’s Twitter Book Club.” – Anne S.


“Watching online live concerts.” – Nathaniel P.

“Listening to Records.” – Anthony S.

“Live dance classes! Many dance studios have been kind enough to teach classes live. 

:)” – Luca


“Eating of course.” – Grant C.


“Drawing n stuff.” – Lucia


“Fixing leaks.” – Bailey B.


“I’m baking A LOT to keep busy!” – Carly L.


“Started a website.” – Sonia D.


“Keeping busy by doing some spring cleaning plus hunting for tp.” – Hector R.


“Basically what I just said, but I’ve also been playing animal crossing new horizons like crazy.” – Kate H. 


“Re-reading Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park after many years.” – @tarotforselfempowerment


“I’ve been sketching a lot of new things and learning a lot of new things about drawing as well.” – Luna


“Looking at old photos.” – Ronald S.


“Making phone and video calls to friends and family.” – Anne S.


“Making a tiny house.” – Nathaniel P.


“Slappin’ da bass.” – Jackie O. 

“‘Everybody Rejoice’ aka ‘A Brand New Day’ from the musical THE WIZ. Totally how I think we’ll all feel once this quarantine is lifted.” – Becky B.


“Anything Disney!” – Sonia D.


“‘Karma the Knife’ by Angelica Garcia.” – Hector R.


“‘Holy’ – Jamila Woods.” – Jackie O.


“Yummy” – Joy O.


“Anything by Mac Miller.” – Kate H.


“I don’t have one, but classical music is helping a lot lately.” – @tarotforselfempowerment


“I’ve listened to Minnie Riperton’s Les Fleur about a million times this week.” – Matthew B.


“‘Live Again’ by Irma Thomas (From Schitt’s Creek Soundtrack)” – Anne S.


“‘Union of the Snake’ by Duran Duran.” – Nathaniel P.


“Sade in the 90s – Queen Herby” – Bailey B.


“Suddenly Seymour!!! But with George and MJ obviously” – Emily C.


“Her by Hailey Gold (on Spotify!)” – Jill G.


“Last Nite The Strokes.” – Lucia


“‘As’ – Stevie Wonder.” – Anthony S.


“‘Smile’ Nat King Cole.” – Grant C.