Listen to music by Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Aptly named the “Godmother of Rock,” Sister Rosetta Tharpe’s resounding gospel music made a definite mark on music history. Armed with a Gibson guitar, Tharpe bridged the gap between gospel and rock ‘n’ roll by injecting guitar solos into classic gospel songs that not only made feet tap, but displayed her mastery of the instrument.

Her musical prowess has inspired the likes of Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin and Bonnie Raitt – who have all quoted Sister Rosetta as one of the most influential artists to their musical careers.

We’ve put together a playlist of some of our favorite Sister Rosetta Tharpe renditions, some of which you will be able to hear live and onstage in our upcoming production, Shout Sister Shout!

Jul 26 – Aug 20, 2017
Created & Directed by Randy Johnson
Book by Cheryl West